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Founded in Hong Kong, the Asian financial center, MTF is committed to providing high-quality precious metal margin trading services for global investors. Rooted in Asia and facing the world, we are deeply trusted by our customers with our solid foundation, vast network and professional team.
MTF provides diversified trading channels, including 24-hour online and smartphone trading platforms. The company focuses on the security of the online trading system. Through strict supervision, it ensures that the trading platform is efficient and stable. 

MTF has the membership of Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange and its license number is No.194, which is qualified to provide bullion trading services.


Secure Funds

 Client funds

Therefore, funds are deposited in the Hong Kong banking system, and the safety of funds is ensured in accordance with the guidelines of the HKMA and bank compliance; the funds deposited by customers and the company's operating funds are handled separately, and are verified by independent auditors to ensure safety.

 External Audit

Audits are regularly conducted independently by an independent external accounting firm to ensure the safety of client funds and the financial stability of the company.


Our Advantage

Comparison MTF Traditional brokerage Bank
Commission No commission whole life 70 to 500, depending on the broker No fees
Bid-ask spread Fixed spread from 0.15

Fixed spread from 0.5

Floating point, usually from $9
Minimum lot size 0.01 lots (1 oz) 0.1 lots (10 oz) 0.01 lots (1 oz)
Transaction cost USD1000
USD3000 ~ USD6000
Market price, no leverage
Physical delivery Deliverable No delivery No delivery
Transaction hour 24 hours 24 hours May not trade in midnight
Consultation service With customer service officer With customer service officer Staff of the bank
Products  Gold and silver, spot oil, etc. Gold and silver only Gold only
*Offers are subject to terms and conditions

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