Precious metals

The company’s main products include precious metal trading. Spot Gold trading has a fixed low spread, which is very popular with customers. It has a lower entry cost than traditional brokerage houses. It also has no authorization, no slippage, and no handling fee. It eliminates the excessively frequent trading operations authorized by the broker, and makes investors more at ease in trading. Precious metals transactions include gold XAUUSD and silver XAGUSD transactions.

Platform fee 0 0
Deposit/withdrawal fee 0 0
Commission 0 0
Minimum lot per single position 0.01 lot 0.01 lot
Minimum lot per single position 30 lots 30 lots
Initial margin US1,000 US1,000
Trading hours Summer mon 06:11 to sat 04:55
Winter mon 07:11 to sat 05:55
Summer mon 06:11 to sat 04:55
Winter mon 07:11 to sat 05:55

US Crude (spot)

There are a lot of trading opportunities in the spot oil market, but many local traders do not offer trading. MTF provides fixed-spread trading, including New York (spot) oil and UK  Brent (spot) oil trading services, which are greatly favored by the market. One-stop trading of different commodities greatly enhances customers' search for different market opportunities.

Account open & platform fee 0 0
Deposit and Withdrawal Fees 0 0
Handling fee 0 0
Minimum lot size 0.01 lot 0.01 lot
Maximum trading lot 30 lots 30 lots
Contract unit 1000 barrel 1000 barrel
Opening margin
(per lot)
1000 USD 1000 USD
Transaction hour Summer 06:11 to 04:55
Winter 07:11 to 05:55
Summer 08:11 to 04:55
Winter 09:11 to 05:55