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The secret skill of 1 hour chart you have to learn
  Jasper Lo
  13/5/2023 2:00pm

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Topic of lecture

The secret skill of 1 hour chart you have to learn

Lecture content

✅Disassemble 1 hour chart to market secret technology

✅Monitor trends and market levels


Date and time: May 13 (Saturday) 2:00PM
Venue: ZOOM 
Cost: Free, first come, first served

keynote speaker

Jasper Lo 

Jasper has been analyzing and trading foreign exchange and commodity futures for over 30 years and is now an independent foreign exchange commodity analyst. I have worked as a department director in several listed financial institutions and foreign banks. I am good at product knowledge, basic and technical analysis, and often hold investment lectures and teach investment courses.


Lecturer's course Recommendation:

  1. Investment strategy
  2. Chart and technical analysis
  3. Basic Analysis of foreign exchange (political and economic factors)
  4. Basic Analysis of Gold (Political and economic factors)
  5. Basic Analysis of crude oil and Natural gas Futures (political and economic factors)
  6. Basic Analysis of American crop Futures (political and economic factors)
  7. Basic Analysis of American Base metal Futures (political and economic factors)
  8. Basic Analysis of four Index futures of US Stock Market (political and economic factors)
  9. Short fry skills strategy class
  10. Gold three-in-one advance
  11. Three-in-one advance of foreign exchange
  12. Soros, the king of Sniping
  13. Catch the yen unilateral rising wave advanced class
  14. Advanced course in basic analysis of euro and pound