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April 25th

Today's amplitude interval

The market is digesting the expectation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by another 25 points in May. This Friday, there is an inflation indicator that the Federal Reserve is extremely concerned about, that is, core personal consumption.

Spending the price index, investors in the gold market have become cautious, and the price of gold is struggling to float to the level of 2000 US dollars. It is estimated that the price of gold will not go out from 1970 to 2020.

Between the shock zone. Today's suggested volatility ranges from $1984 to $2003.

US President Biden plans to sign a high-tech related sector that restricts American companies from investing in China. The news came out, and the shares listed in the United States on May 1 ST were inherited.

The pressure fell, and Hong Kong stocks fell in the market. The Hang Seng Index opened 25 points lower, with a maximum drop of more than 340 points. In the afternoon, the market was a little calm, but it still fell below the 20,000-point mark.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 19,959 points, down 115 points or 0.58%. The turnover in the market was less than 96.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, the lowest since February 17.

European Central Bank Executive Committee member Schnabel said that economic data showed that inflation was higher than expected, and the overall economy was more resilient than expected, and no economic recession was seen.

Returning to the evidence coming soon, he added that in order to curb inflation, the possibility that the European Central Bank will raise interest rates by 50 points cannot be ruled out. And the double-digit inflation year in Britain

The rate is also concerned by the market, and investors expect the Bank of England to raise interest rates again. Affected by the expected interest rate hike, the three major European stock markets are all

On the other hand, Germany's DAX index fell by 0. 08%, France's Paris CAC index fell by 0.04%, and Britain's FTSE 100 index fell by 0.02%.

The United States began the performance announcement period at the beginning of this month, and the parent companies of many American technology giants, including Microsoft, Google and Facebook, will be announced later this week.

Report forms will be distributed from time to time, and the price index of personal consumption expenditure, the core inflation indicator of the Federal Reserve, will also be announced this Friday. Investors will cautiously enter the market.

The three major stock markets developed separately, with the Dow Jones index rising 0.20%, the Standard & Poor's 500 index rising 0.09% and the Nasdaq Composite Index falling 0.29%.

Yesterday, the gold market still lacked direction, and it could not get out of the situation of rising and falling day by day, and contending for the upward trend of 2000 US dollars. Basically, the market is gradually digesting the Federal Reserve in May.

The news of raising interest rates by another 25 points, this Friday, there is an inflation indicator that the Federal Reserve is extremely concerned about, that is, the core personal consumption expenditure price index, and the price of gold is 2,000 US dollars.

Struggling under the yuan, the highest price of gold was $1990.8, the lowest was $1974.2, and finally closed at $1989.1, up $6.1.

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